Word for the Faithful Watching Bride

February 2012 – I was instructed by My Father to put this post upfront for all to see,
..as this was from His own thoughts given through me.

Edited February 2012. Original post: 08.20.11. This is an update for the Philadelphia Church, the Bride of Christ. Give all the praises, honor, glory & thanksgiving to the Most High God of ISRAEL, who have poured out His Spirit in these last days that we are living in.

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh;
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams,
your young men shall see visions. Joel 2:28 Turn you at my reproof: behold,
I will pour out my Spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Proverbs 1:23

The LORD has taught me so many things & I just want to share all this understanding to all of you. (Not for all people.. but only for the faithful bride of Christ.. for the LORD knows those who are His. 2 Tim.2:19)

1. Be Careful NOT to Focus TOO MUCH on the Worldly Things/ Worldly Events /Bible Prophecies.. that you tend to spend less time with the LORD & His Word.. but spending all your precious time on the internet searching for ‘signs/ comet elenin /nibiru’ & still trying to figure out the season/month of His coming.

Since I am no longer ignorant of many things and I already believe that all of these are coming.. Let God be God & Let everything happen according to what He has planned. The dates & times have been marked in His OWN Calendar and we should stop in trying to make our own conclusions/opinions about the coming rescue of the godly ones that is quickly followed by His wrath & judgment.. known as the Great Tribulation.. Days of Darkness/Evil & Deception/Dawn of the New Age of Aquarius.. For it is not for us to know the times & dates that the Father has set by His OWN authority Acts 1:7 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

2. Knowing all the bible prophecies written in the book of revelation & the book of the prophets will not matter.. if we are not spending time with Him.. reading His Word AND obeying everything He says. All the ‘bible knowledge’ ‘prophetic/current event’ knowledge that we know are all USELESS.. if we are not living the holy & righteous life that is pleasing to Him. Obedience is what the LORD requires.. Obedience to His Word/Laws/Commands.. then we will just be blessed with all the wisdom, knowledge, understanding & revelation that will be given to us.

I am guilty of such things for I have been struggling with my time before.. my reason was “..I am doing the works of the LORD maybe He will understand if there were times that I spend less time with Him in prayer & reading His Word than I used to do..” But thank God for He is always faithful to discipline & correct me.. call me back to His arms & in His narrow road if I tend to go astray from walking straight in the narrow path of righteousness towards holiness.

So this is a call to all the watchman of the LORD, God Most High.. spending time with Him & His Word is very important to us. Since as a watchman & servant, we should always be attentive to listen to His voice & always be alert & quick to follow in whatever He wants us to do.. Do not be proud in saying that this can never happen to you.. It can always happen to anyone for Satan is always there planning to deceive us & put things on our way that will cause us to stumble. Do not underestimate the wise serpent.. for we can only overcome all his lies, traps & attacks.. by always relying & abiding in the LORD through His Spirit & Word.

3. Since we already know much of the nearness of His coming & of the events that will soon take place.. let us no longer focus on ourselves.. but focus in warning others of the coming wrath & judgment of God.. most of all, double time in reaching the lost souls since the LORD does not want everyone to perish but to REPENT & have Life Eternal with Him. However, we must have this desire in our hearts to be used by the LORD for His Own Purpose.. and ask that the LORD will enable us to boldly speak His Word & lead souls back to His Eternal Kingdom. All for His name. All for His glory.

4. Moreover, it is the LORD who will always lead us to know such things or important events that will soon take place.. It is Him who will lead us to do things.. He is the Master, we are just the servants.. He is the Commander in Chief, we are just always under His authority.. He is all knowing.. He knows from the beginning to end.. Nothing is hidden from Him.. There is nothing that exists that did not come from Him & nothing will happen that He is not aware of.

We should rest & trust in this character of God, and we should not worry about the things/events that are currently happening but are not aware of.. .. God is faithful. He will always warn His children of what is coming. He always reveal His plans/secrets to His servants that go before Him & prepare His way in other people’s hearts.

5. Lastly, this end time blog will NO LONGER be updated. For My Father has been speaking to me in the past few days, to focus on Him and concentrate on His Word ALONE. I was asking Him if I should ‘delete’ this blog, so as not to cause distraction from others in partaking His Word for THIS Modern Generation.. ..However, I was just led to keep this blog (for my own kindred & nation, family & friendsthe reasons why I answered His call to serve Him)…..

F  O  R  E  M  O  S  T

7/19/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior
A Letter Given to Timothy, For Suzanne, And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The following was brought before The Lord, on Suzanne’s behalf… She said: “I have been thinking of plastering the sides of my truck with something like, ‘Adoption is the Loving Option’. I have not heard either yes or no. The reason I am asking you, to ask The Lord, is that I do not want to take away from what is already on the back tailgate of my truck (the Trumpet Call website sign)”.

Thus says The Lord: Regarding the sign and trumpet, by which you reveal Me and My Word to others, detract not from it… Let it stand alone, a bright and shining lamp post, an ensign for this sleeping generation.

Your intentions are well and good, and the intent of your heart is well pleasing in My eyes, yet trumpet My Word only. For in My word is this cause brought to light, with many strong and fierce warnings. And those who receive My words, concerning abortion, will indeed seek other options, choosing life. And those who reject My word and destroy My gifts, those who murder the little ones, they will receive full recompense for their error!… I AM THE LORD!

Therefore, again I tell you, trumpet My word only, and distract not the onlooker, for that which must be first is set above all, even above the atrocities of men.

So then, warn them from Me… For I am The ONLY Way!I am coming quickly!

Apart from Me nothing else matters…
Apart from Me is death and darkness.

Concern not yourself with the little ones, in this manner, for they have always been Mine and will always be with Me. Concern yourself, rather, with those walking into death, with those who tread the wide path, for destruction comes nigh… Behold, it has come already and grows quickly in its fury.

Trumpet loudly, beloved…
In all manner of speaking and devices….And trust them ALL into My hands.

Redemption is NEAR Turns One!

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As I currently don’t have all the time to update this blog. Thank you. YahuShua bless you. 😉

Late post: January 31, 2012 — It’s been a year since this blog ‘Redemption is NEAR’ was made…. .. and NO, this blog was not planned, as if I intended to create an ‘end time blog.’ Rather, this was created by God’s will.. For His own glory… and if it is God’s will, you will not do anything but to fully submit & surrender to what He has planned for you to do..

The Story.. This blog was created when my Facebook account was deactivated for not using my ‘personal name’ and for flooding my wall with end time updates… Of course, I was frustrated.. Yet My Father turned into good, what the enemy has planned for evil.

The 1st Year.. For the ‘few’ readers of this blog, who don’t know me & my story.. I am just a young daughter of our Heavenly Father, born in the 90’s generation.. I graduated from college last March 2010 and it was September 2010 when My Father has called me into a full-time ministry. For almost four months, I had a one-on-one study with Him (guided by His Spirit & Word ALONE).. then it was December 2010, when my hidden life in Christ was brought to public, when He has sent me to proclaim His imminent return for His (Philadelphia Church) Bride and the judgment that will quickly follow.

Ever since I started walking with My Dad (2007-2008), it has always been just HIM & ME Alone.. He’s been my best friend and teacher during my college days.. and He’s still my best friend and rabbi today. I did not learn from any pastor nor enrolled in any ‘bible colleges’ and I don’t have any background of the world’s polluted doctrines.. I am taught by My Father through His Spirit within me.. and will NEVER.. NEVER.. NEVER.. give glory to any man, but Him alone..

All I can say is that I’ve grown and learned so much from everything that My Father and I has been through… I will just assure you that you will never attain ‘spiritual growth & maturity’ without having to experience a lot of testing in your faith..

As it is written, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”

If 2010 was a year of patience, waiting and severe testing (my process of preparation for His service).. Year 2011, was a year of learning, growing into maturity and stepping up in this ministry.. It was a messy year, full of spiritual ups and downs. Well what will you expect? It was my first year in serving Him.. ..but I thank My Heavenly Father, for He is not like an earthly father. For He is a Heavenly Father that is perfect, full of love, grace, patience and mercy.. but most of all.. faithful to always lift me up and carry me through, whenever I stumble and fall down.. ..and with this, comes His understanding/words/thoughts being poured out in my mind.. that made me spiritually grow.

** If The Lord permits, whenever I can have a spare time, I am praying to share everything that He has taught me.. for Him to also bless His ‘few’ children across the world, that He has brought in this ministry.**

As 2011 has been a messy year of watching and trying to figure out His return.. This 2012 will be a year of heavier responsibilities for this nation and God’s greater works empowered by His Spirit, manifested through His empty vessel.. For My Father has taught me to focus on Him and the things that can still be done during these last days.. rather than focusing on ‘the hour when you do not expect Him.’ He has also taught me to get close to Him, seek Him more, know Him more and hear from Him more.. for this is the time when everyone else has gone back into slumbering or busy with the things of this world.. and very few are those who inquire of Him and longing to serve Him more..

My Heavenly Father has called me and I’ve accepted the call.. knowing that He is faithful to finish the work that He has started in me.. to be able to fulfill the task that He has prepared for me.. ..For My Father has been faithful to give me what I’ve asked (cum laude), therefore, I also have to be faithful in committing my life in serving Him.. (I’ve already served the master of my own for a long time.. I’m done with those days.. I’m done with this world.. ..It’s time to serve the Holy One, who redeemed my soul from the grave by His shedding His own blood on the cross.) 2Cor5:15

For my family and friends, don’t worry or think that my college award was worthless for I don’t have a job that is related to my course.. because you must know that I did not achieve it to work for the secular world.. but that was just the proof of My Heavenly Father’s love & faithfulness to me.

I love who I am today, for it is no longer I but Christ YahuShua,
living in me and working through me.

Redemption is NEAR Last Year (Upload date: February 1, 2011)

NYXSTORYMy Life (Nyx) is His (story) was created last September 2010.. I was first called to testify of His amazing works in my life.. “..A proud was humbled.. A lost soul was found.. An empty space was filled.. A wounded heart was healed.. A miserable life was changed.. A controlled life was surrendered.. A curious mind & searching heart was filled with grace and wisdom… All because of My Father’s divine intervention..” and because of these testimonies that I am carrying.. from the very start it was just my desire to lead a single soul back to Him & to help someone in establishing a close relationship with the Invisible Supreme Being..

—> Read: NYXstory = My Life (Nyx) is HIS story — I’m NOT doing this to gain fame or popularity. My friends know how secretive I am and that I am very private with my life’s stories. Besides, what would I gain if I would share my life’s story? Anyway, this is not about me, but about Christ working in me. (2010)

Little did I know that My Father has planned some greater works in my life.. That I will not only be called to testify.. But also called to be an end time watchman, helper/counselor/minister for the lost soul & broken hearted, preacher of righteousness & truth, teacher of His Word, voice & intercessor for this nation.. was made to be His hands, feet, ears, mouth, eyes & heart.. as an instrument, an empty vessel to show His Love & manifest His works through the power of His Spirit… All for His name.. All for His glory..

—> Archives: My Walk with DAD in This “NYX-STORY” Ministry (2011)Just here to testify that YAHUSHUA is ALIVE & is so amazing! I also stand to witness of God’s amazing works, for it is HE who works & moves in us, by the power of His Spirit.. Anyway, that is what ‘NYXstory’ is all about.. ‘My Life.. is HIS story..’ IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM.. not about me.

“..Now I stand before everyone, to be a witness of the great works & power of the SPIRIT of GOD… I, who used to be ignorant of GOD’s WORD, GOD’s ways & GOD’s law. I, who used to be shy and timid in talking about the LORD. I, who used to live like a normal teenage-young adult life. I, who used to hide my life in Christ.. .. is now boldly witnessing for YAHUSHUA. Sharing His WORD of TRUTH. Sharing His awesome works & the greatness of His power. Sharing how YAHUSHUA is alive & has been alive in my life.

In this ministry, What I write. What I do. What I speak. will always come from the Spirit of the LORD. I always rely and depend on YAHUSHUA, because He knows better than I.. He knows everything. He should always increase in me & fill me with His Spirit. He should always go before me and I will just follow. His will & plan will always be fulfilled. He is The Only Master, The Only Great Teacher.. I am just His servant & without the Spirit of the LORD upon me, I cannot work. I cannot move. I cannot say anything about His WORD..” (2011)  Note: This is just the HALF of what My Father & I have done last year (2011).. ..for I wasn’t able to write an account of the greater works that He has done in me & through me.

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Mt18:4

Draft thoughts written to My Father upon waking up this day:
January 31, 2012 7:16am

Redemption is NEAR Turns One Today – Jan31.. Also, today is the last day of January.. Father, is it a coincidence? Or am I feeling right that you have something special for us that is why you moved the fellowship to Tuesday?

..Whatever that is, you know I’m always excited every time we have fellowship with You..

** As of Jan31 11:27pm – My Father has glorified Himself today! He has shown us His glory & power.. How I pray for His perfect time to testify on His amazing works in our lives.. ..what I thought to be a ‘feeling’ early this morning, was My Father’s reality! He has just been giving me more & more & more confirmation that I am truly hearing from Him ‘by pouring out His Words/Thoughts/Wisdom/Knowledge & Understanding upon me‘.. and I am praying to hear Him MORE! All glory to My Father, Savior, King, Lord, God & Best Friend..

..YahuShua YaHuWaH is His Name.. ^_________________^ **

Father, let me be filled with Your Spirit & power today.. Let me be an instrument to be used each day for Your own purpose & Your own glory..

Father, help me to fulfill each task that you have planned for me.. Even though it was assigned to us, we will not be working on our own.. It will still be You that will make all things possible & only by You can all things be done through.. For apart from You, there is nothing at all..

Father, all I want is to be ‘still’ in/with You, always abiding in Your presence.. Always hearing from You.. Receiving comfort, encouragement, understanding from You.. All I want is to be close to You.. Father, never let me go.. Protect me oh Lord.. Let not your anointed ones be harmed oh God..

Father, be with me today Lord God.. Clear the pathways for us.. May everything happened today according to how You planned it.. Father, may Your will always be done..

Thank You so much Lord..
..Father, I love you..
..I am praying that you always see in my heart it’s true.. =’) ♥

** This is how I pray.. I am just like a child to My Father.. no fancy words.. but simple words coming from a pure loving heart (made by Him for Him alone) .. I am praying that you will be blessed.. and that you will also develop a closer-deeper-loving relationship with our Heavenly Father, YahuShua YaHuWaH.. oh how He longs for His children to come to Him, know Him & love Him as He really is…. 😉 **

January 20, 2012 — “..MY LABOR IS NOT IN VAIN..”

Thank You Father.. =’) I Love You LORD.. ♥

..words are not enough to express how I truly feel.. Father, you know from the very start.. it’s all because of LOVE.. my love for the people in my life.. my so-called ‘family & friends’ that are currently lost & deceived.. ..You know they’re the reason for this ministry..

..but even though none from them have been called.. I thank You because You are so faithful to let me see the fruits of this ministry.. all tears.. all pain.. all sufferings.. all sacrifices.. ARE ALL WORTH IT, Lord.. and thinking of those things will make me want to serve You MORE..

..I’ll serve You while I’m waiting.. no matter what the cost.. I’ll serve You no matter what You want me to do & wherever You want me to go.. I’ll serve You every day till the day You come.. until the time that we no longer have to part.. =’) ♥

..I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing YahuShua the Mashiach, my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ YahuShua.. Philippians 3:8

I thank YahuShua the Christ, our Lord, who hath enabled me,
for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.. 1Tim1:12 

Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a servant to everyone,
to win as many as possible.. 1Cor9:19

I am just an unworthy servant, I have only done my duty.. Lk17:10

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